Worst Intersections in Macon-Bibb

A recent letter to the editor in the Macon Telegraph shared the writer’s concern about the number of collisions occurring at the intersection of Forsyth Avenue and Tucker Road. The author accurately identifies this as a high collision intersection. But, the reality is that the intersection at Forsyth & Tucker (2015: 18 collisions and 11 people injured) does not even make the top ten list. The unfortunate intersections with the dubious distinctions of having the highest number of collisions in 2015 in Macon-Bibb County include:

  • Gray Highway and Shurling Drive (59 collisions and 28 people injured);
  • Riverside Drive and Northside Drive (47 collisions and 15 people injured);
  • Mercer University and Log Cabin Drive (45 collisions and 5 people injured);
  • Gray Highway and Clinton Road (44 collisions and 25 people injured);
  • Eisenhower Parkway and Log Cabin Drive (42 collisions and 19 people injured);
  • Pio Nono Avenue and Rocky Creek Road (41 collisions and 13 people injured);
  • Mercer University and Bloomfield Road (39 collisions and 37 people injured);
  • Riverside Drive and Spring Street (36 collisions and 15 people injured);
  • Riverside Drive and Pierce Avenue (36 collisions and 10 people injured); and,
  • Zebulon Road and Peake Road (29 collisions and 16 people injured).

Source of data: GEARS High Accident Locations report for Bibb County from 1/1/2015-12/31/2015. Intersections were searched forward and backward (i.e., we searched for both “GRAY HWY & SHURLING DR” and “SHURLING DR & GRAY HWY”). Totals of forward and backward searches were then combined. These are minimum collision numbers that show the general scale of the concern, but underestimate the actual number of collisions because street name misspellings limit the ability to accurately search the database.