31 people killed by motor vehicles in 2016 in Bibb County

Fatal traffic crashes in Bibb County 2016 (Source: The Telegraph)

The Telegraph’s recent article Investigators look to technology for answers after fatal car crashes (Jan. 24, 2017) describes how law enforcement in Middle Georgia is using technology in cars to analyze crashes to help make our roadways safer. The article also includes a map of 2016 traffic fatalities in Middle Georgia from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is sobering to compare the number of traffic fatalities in Bibb County and Houston County. Both counties have nearly the same population, but Bibb County has more traffic fatalities each year – double the number that Houston County had in 2014 and 2015, and triple the number it had in 2013. In Bibb County over the last 3 years – a quarter to a third of fatal crashes killed pedestrians or bicyclists.

Bibb County and Houston County comparison of traffic fatalities (source: The Telegraph).